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Managing the First-Time-User Experience

Confusion about the process. The fact that the CRM system is a technological application of the organizational work flows and processes is not trivial. Many users may be baffled by the “flattening” of their work routine. Another problem that may come up is the system’s inability to contain exceptions (even if only temporarily). This may lead to skepticism (“How reliable is this software if it can’t reflect reality precisely?”)Surprisingly, there are technological means to solving nontechnological problems. The following technological aids can help make the first-time-user experience more agreeable: Social media will connect your users, take transparency to the next level, and let your CRM system serve as another interaction platform. Social media will also promote the peer support option, for users who are less comfortable seeking help “outside.” Infographics are fun and colorful and often make the difference for people by offering a more visual understanding. There are plenty of infographic tools that can be easily integrated with any form of SaaS. This is a method of keeping users engaged and involved in the larger picture, data-wise, as well as keeping track of their own input. Provide your users with a large pool of help resources, as different help methods cater to different users. Look at video (there are lots of video DIY tools out there), knowledge bases, walkthroughs, screenshots, flow charts—whatever you can offer to reach the widest range of user types.

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26 Aug
Chris Pallé @chrispalle
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