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TouchMarks II: Touchscreen Latencies in Flagship Tablets


In our last TouchMarks report, we looked at the touchscreen latencies of the flagship smartphones from different manufacturers. In this report, we’ll benchmark the touchscreen latencies of the leading tablets, including iPads, Microsoft’s Surface and leading Android tablets including Amazon’s newest Kindle Fire HD.Before we get into the results, a little bit about our methodology (for a full recap please check out our first post. In TouchMarks, we use our Touchscope to benchmark the App Response Time of touchscreen devices by measuring the time between when the user touches the screen and the device updates the display. We place the light sensor

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09 Oct
steven hoober @shoobe01
In today's issue of meaningless numbers: http://t.co/fwhS4c9S06 Humans don't see/process fast enough to notice these differences.